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Rental management software – Grow revenue, optimised rental collection, automated reminder, generate professional report and many more in one platform.
Why Autorentic

Equip your property business with
advanced technology

Elevates brand image

Create a stronger impression to your customers by integrating advance technology - building the trust and confidence while managing the properties.


Consolidate all your rental management into one platform for straightforward visualisation and retrieve data easily. Managing your tenants, properties, rooms and payments at one place.

Grow your business

Set up a systematic operation in order to invest more time on sales and gain more profit with lesser opportunity costs for management with automation.

How it works

Become a productive and efficient property manager

Learn how Autorentic can simplify your business

Designed for property managers

Solution we provide

We have features that you need to ease your management of rental and property

Smart rental collection

Ease your rental collection by enjoying automated invoicing, automated email reminders, gather payment records, create new portfolio all in one platform. Making managing rental and operations easy.

Effortlessly generate reports

We compile your data automatically to generate report easily to drive your business further. You no longer need to manually produce reports, simply one button to obtain in depth operational data.

Protect your investments

Reduce risk and dispute between landlord and tenant. Every information of management process will be recorded and you can simply trail back every actions made within our reliable platform.

Operation efficiency

Pilot via the robustness of the tool to boost profit, increase savings and improve productivity. Our multiple user role within the system also allows you to track every actions made during operation.

Technology for all property managers

Try Autorentic for free, explore all the tools and features you need to start and grow your property business.